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CDE eBook: Advancements in Root Canal Therapy: New Technology to Improve Patient Outcomes

CDE eBook: Advancements In Root Canal Therapy: New Technology To Improve Patient Outcomes
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Authors Tom McClammy, DMD, MS, and Enrico E. DiVito, DDS, examine the efficacy of the Multisonic Ultracleaning® technology of the GentleWave® System, concluding that the GentleWave Procedure enables clinicians to more effectively debride and disinfect the deepest, most complex portions of the root canal system.2,3

Dr. Sonia Chopra on the GentleWave® System by Sonendo®

Sonia Chopra, DDS

Sonia Chopra, DDS, discusses the GentleWave® Procedure and the increased efficiency that has allowed her to eliminate the second visit for her root canal therapy patients and double the number of patients she is able to treat.

What Matters When Evaluating New Technology for Your Endodontic Practice

Drs. Facer & Frost
On-Demand Webinars

Join Drs. Ryan Facer and Steven L. Frost for a webinar, as they explore the pursuit of success through endodontic innovation and what truly matters in this process. Centered around Anatomy Matters, Outcomes Matter, Practice Success Matters, this webinar is designed to inform and inspire practitioners who want to take their practice to the next level by incorporating new technology into their practice.

Advancements in Root Canal Therapy

Advancements in Root Canal Therapy
On-Demand Webinars

Tom McClammy, DMD, MS, and Enrico E. DiVito, DDS, discuss advancements in technology impacting endodontics. Using before-and-after images, they illustrate how the GentleWave® Procedure improves cleaning and disinfection results in root canal therapy. Watch the webinar and take the quiz for one free self-instructed CEU.

Applying GentleWave® Technology to Anterior and Premolar Cases

Applying GentleWave® Technology to Anterior and Premolar Cases
On-Demand Webinars

The GentleWave® System is even more versatile with the addition of Sonendo®’s Anterior/Premolar Procedure Instrument. In this webinar, Mehrzad Khakpour, PhD, Vice President of Research & Development at Sonendo, and Staci Ianiro, DDS, Endodontist/Owner of Ianiro Endodontics, examine the effectiveness of the GentleWave System with premolars and anterior teeth requiring RCT. Dr. Ianiro discusses the impact the GentleWave System has had on her practice and shares clinical cases.


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