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Sonendo® is a medical technology company focused on saving teeth from tooth decay, the most prevalent chronic disease globally. Sonendo develops and manufactures the GentleWave® System, an innovative technology platform designed to treat tooth decay by cleaning and disinfecting the microscopic spaces within teeth without the need to remove tooth structure. 

Sonendo is also the parent company of TDO® Software, the developer of widely used endodontic practice management software solutions, designed to simplify practice workflow. 


Discover minimally invasive2 root canal cleaning and disinfection with the GentleWave® System.


Experience practice management software designed specifically for the endodontic practice.

Upcoming Education & Events

Online and in-person professional development, continuing education and enrichment opportunities with Sonendo.

Isle of Palms, SC
  • Dr. Pirooz Zia
  • Dr. Scott Sutter
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