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Perspectives on the GentleWave® System

Sonendo® maintains a commitment to developing innovation that provides our partner practices a new approach to endodontics. Hear what these clinicians have to say about the difference the GentleWave® System is making for their practices and patients.

Steven Frost, DDS

Dr. Steven Frost

Dr. Steven Frost’s endodontic practice is known for handling emergency and complicated cases. Since adopting the GentleWave® Procedure, he is now known for treating even the most difficult cases in just one appointment.

Ryan Facer, DDS

Dr. Ryan Facer

Prior to adopting the GentleWave® Procedure, Dr. Ryan Facer felt limited to cleaning the primary canal of the tooth. With the GentleWave System, he is confident he is cleaning the uninstrumented anatomy he is unable to reach with manual instrumentation.

Thomas V. McClammy, DMD, MS

Dr. Thomas McClammy

Why are clinicians and patients excited about the GentleWave® Procedure?

Enrico E. DiVito, DDS

Dr. Enrico E. DiVito DNN Video

Enrico E. DiVito, DDS, the inventor of the PIPS® laser therapy, makes what some might say is a surprising choice when it comes to his preferred treatment for root canal therapy.

Drs. Steven Frost and Joe Harris

A Referral Relationship with a GentleWave® Provider

For over 20 years, endodontist Dr. Steven Frost and general dentist Dr. Joe Harris have cultivated a referral relationship built on a shared “patients come first” philosophy that compels these providers to stay current on evolving practices to improve patient care.


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