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Perspectives on the GentleWave® System

Sonendo® maintains a commitment to developing impactful innovation that has provided our partner practices a new approach to endodontics. Challenging the standards with the GentleWave® System has enabled providers to improve upon their processes and redefine their practice. Hear what GentleWave Providers have to say about the difference the GentleWave System is making for their practices and their patients.

Michael W. Ford, DDS, MS: Minimizing Patient Visits with the GentleWave® System

Michael Ford, DDS, MS

Dr. Michael W. Ford is more confident than ever, knowing he has provided the very best, cutting-edge cleaning and disinfecting technology when he delivers care with the GentleWave® Procedure. Among the many advantages of adopting the GentleWave Procedure has been the near elimination of the two-step revision appointment procedures and seeing phenomenal healing. Listen to Dr. Ford’s take on how the GentleWave System has meaningfully impacted his practice.

A Referral Relationship with a GentleWave® Provider

A Referral Relationship with a GentleWave® Provider

For over 20 years, endodontist Dr. Steven Frost and general dentist Dr. Joe Harris have cultivated a referral relationship built on trust and results. A shared “patients come first” philosophy compels these providers to stay current on evolving practices, integrating state-of-the-art technology into their protocols to improve patient outcomes and creating a continuity of care patients can depend on.

Jessica Barr, DDS, MS, PA: The Convenience in State-of-the-Art RCT

Jessica Barr, DDS, MS, PA

Patients often seek out providers who implement new technology into their practices, looking for better outcomes and more convenient treatment options. Patients of GentleWave® Provider Dr. Jessica Barr appreciate the state-of-the-art status of her facility, not only because she provides superior care and amazing outcomes, but because she does it all in the convenience of a quick, one-visit procedure.

Marcus L. Palermo, DDS: Taking a Leap of Faith with New Technology

Marcus L. Palermo, DDS

Integrating new technology into your practice can impact every aspect of your business. It’s a decision Dr. Marcus L. Palermo didn’t take lightly when investing in the GentleWave® System, describing it as “taking a leap of faith” in hopes of better serving his patients and his practice. This leap has proven to pay off for Dr. Palermo in both respects, providing the convenience of a one-session procedure for his patients and leading to increased profits for his practice.


User Testimonial: Randy W. Garland

“The GentleWave® System does an amazing job of cleaning out tissue and bacteria from the entire root canal system, including the isthmuses, lateral canals and the tubules. I believe that Sonendo® is definitely changing the game of endodontics. It’s very exciting to be involved in something that could change the future of our specialty.”

Randy W. Garland, DDS
Garland Endodontics
Encinitas, CA
User Testimonial: Khang Le

"Sonendo® has made it very easy for us to use the GentleWave® System with their 'white glove' service in training and support. The marketing tools they provided have helped tremendously to promote the new technology in my practice. Above all, I am more assured in achieving better clinical outcomes and comfort for my patients."

Khang Le, DDS
SC Endodontics
Santa Ana, CA
User Testimonial: Joseph Maggio

“For the first time now, thanks to Sonendo® and the GentleWave® System, we are thinking outside of the box. Sonendo has brought exponential thinking to its product development and the result is a new technology that is truly disruptive, and a product that is truly transformative.

Joseph Maggio, DDS
Advanced Endodontics of Illinois
Lisle, IL

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