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Perspectives on the GentleWave® System

Sonendo® maintains a commitment to developing impactful innovation that has provided our partner practices a new approach to endodontics. Challenging the standards with the GentleWave® System has enabled providers to improve upon their processes and redefine their practice. Hear what GentleWave Providers have to say about the difference the GentleWave System is making for their practices and their patients.

Adam Davis, DDS: From Skeptic to Provider of the GentleWave® Procedure

Adam Davis, DDS

New technology is often met with skepticism, especially by those who have been using the same tried-and-true practices for some time. Dr. Adam Davis was one of those skeptics when hearing about the improved efficiency and efficacy of the GentleWave® Procedure. Watch his story to discover what changed his mind.

Marcus Palermo, DDS: Taking a Leap of Faith with New Technology

Marcus Palermo, DDS

Integrating new technology into your practice can impact every aspect of your business. It’s a decision Dr. Marcus Palermo didn’t take lightly when investing in the GentleWave® System, describing it as “taking a leap of faith” in hopes of better serving his patients and his practice. This leap has proven to pay off for Dr. Palermo in both respects, providing the convenience of a one-session procedure for his patients and leading to increased profits for his practice.

Eric Herbranson, DDS, MS: The GentleWave® System’s Transformative Technology

Dr. Eric Herbranson

Shaping, cleaning and obturating is the standard endodontic triad that defines root canal therapy. For Eric Herbranson, DDS, MS, the GentleWave® Procedure has transformed each of these stages of his RCT protocol, minimizing manual instrumentation and delivering amazing cleaning and disinfection.

Randy Garland, DDS: Exponential Gains with the GentleWave® Procedure

Randy Garland, DDS

Dr. Randy Garland began practicing with the GentleWave® System nearly four years ago and has witnessed a multifaceted growth of his practice ever since. Within that time, he has reduced most of his multi-appointment RCT cases to a single session, and realized rapid, marked improvement in his practice economics that is directly attributable to the GentleWave System.


User Testimonial: Brian T. Wells

"I think previous breakthroughs in endodontics were in 'vision'—the micro-scope and cone beam CT. These are now standard of care for a good root canal. The new frontier, I think, is revolutionizing the irrigation and instrumentation of root canal treatment. The GentleWave® technology that I have adopted allows me to conservatively improve my handling of complex anatomy. The results are beautiful.”

Brian T. Wells, DMD
Wells Endodontics
Wesley Chapel, FL
Matthew Evans, DDS

“I haven’t been this excited about Endodontics since I finished my residency program! I am eager to come to work, use my GentleWave® System, and see the thorough cleaning and disinfection of the root canal system it achieves. This is the level of care I want to deliver to my patients. I wish the GentleWave System was available when I began my career.”

Matthew Evans, DDS
Midlands Endodontics
Lexington, SC
User Testimonial: James A. Smith, Jr.

“I have been practicing endodontics for 34 years and have tried every advancement on the market. Finally, the GentleWave® System by Sonendo does what I have been trying to do my whole career: thoroughly clean and disinfect the root canal system with minimal instrumentation. I am a believer!”

James A. Smith, Jr. DMD
Advanced Endodontics, P.C
Birmingham, AL

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