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Perspectives on the GentleWave® System

Sonendo® maintains a commitment to developing impactful innovation that has provided our partner practices a new approach to endodontics. Challenging the standards with the GentleWave® System has enabled providers to improve upon their processes and redefine their practice. Hear what GentleWave Providers have to say about the difference the GentleWave System is making for their practices and their patients.

Adam Davis, DDS: Driving Practice Economics with the GentleWave® System

Adam Davis, DDS

For Adam Davis, DDS, and his partners at Cumberland Endodontics, implementing the GentleWave® System into their practice created the ability to do more in less time, due to the one-visit treatment model they’ve been able to achieve. This improvement in practice economy contributes to the overall success of their practice, allows them to be more productive throughout the day—and improves overall patient treatment experiences.

Ron Hill, DDS, MSD & Stacy Hill: Drastically Increased Referrals

Ron Hill, DDS, MSD & Stacy Hill

In just nine months, the revolutionary GentleWave® System helped Dr. Ron Hill drastically increase his number of referrals. Dr. Hill shares that general dentists value the GentleWave System because patients come back to their offices sooner; and patients appreciate the prospect of a one-visit case. Dr. Hill and VP of Marketing Stacy Hill explain how incorporating GentleWave Technology solidified relationships with current referrers and has opened doors in terms of approaching new referrers.

Scott K. Hetz, DMD, on Becoming a GentleWave® Provider

Scott K. Hetz, DMD

For Dr. Scott K. Hetz and his partners at Advanced Endodontic Associates in Washington, DC, adopting the GentleWave® Procedure was the best decision they’ve made “since adopting CBCT.” One of the biggest benefits for the practice has been the reduction in instrumentation with what essentially feels like an automated portion of their RCT protocol. Watch his story to see what the GentleWave System has allowed them to accomplish at the practice.

Sonia Chopra, DDS: Dramatically Increasing Productivity with the GentleWave® System

Sonia Chopra, DDS

Before becoming a GentleWave® Provider in October 2018, nearly half of Dr. Sonia Chopra’s appointments were two-visit retreatments. Watch Dr. Chopra’s Sonendo® Signature Story to see how the GentleWave Procedure allowed her to transition into a primarily one-visit endodontist, helping to nearly double her productivity within three short months.


User Testimonial: Brian T. Wells

"I think previous breakthroughs in endodontics were in 'vision'—the micro-scope and cone beam CT. These are now standard of care for a good root canal. The new frontier, I think, is revolutionizing the irrigation and instrumentation of root canal treatment. The GentleWave® technology that I have adopted allows me to conservatively improve my handling of complex anatomy. The results are beautiful.”

Brian T. Wells, DMD
Wells Endodontics
Wesley Chapel, FL
Matthew Evans, DDS

“I haven’t been this excited about Endodontics since I finished my residency program! I am eager to come to work, use my GentleWave® System, and see the thorough cleaning and disinfection of the root canal system it achieves. This is the level of care I want to deliver to my patients. I wish the GentleWave System was available when I began my career.”

Matthew Evans, DDS
Midlands Endodontics
Lexington, SC
User Testimonial: James A. Smith, Jr.

“I have been practicing endodontics for 34 years and have tried every advancement on the market. Finally, the GentleWave® System by Sonendo does what I have been trying to do my whole career: thoroughly clean and disinfect the root canal system with minimal instrumentation. I am a believer!”

James A. Smith, Jr. DMD
Advanced Endodontics, P.C
Birmingham, AL

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