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Adam Davis, DDS: Making Sure Technology Works for You

Adam Davis, DDS
March 27, 2019

In the Endodontic Practice US March 2019 issue, Dr. Adam Davis discusses the importance of research, critical thinking and seeking counsel when considering the adoption of new equipment for your practice.

Dr. Ryan Facer: For the Greater Good of Endodontics

Dr. Ryan Facer: For the Greater Good of Endodontics
January 21, 2019

In this Endodontic Practice US practice profile, Ryan Facer, DDS, of Greater Endodontics in Murray, UT, explains how his natural affinity for science and anatomy led him to endodontics and the GentleWave® Procedure.

Single-Visit Endodontic Procedure for a C-Shaped Molar

First Page of Article of Single-Visit Endodontic Procedure for a C-Shaped Molar by, Steven L. Frost, DDS
August 21, 2018

Since incorporating the GentleWave® System into his practice, Dr. Steven Frost is seeing even the most complex of cases in a single visit, and with excellent results. He chose this C-shaped molar to represent his “finest case” for the complexity typically involved with clearing all tissue from the root canal system; the GentleWave Procedure was able to handle tissue dissolution and clean the lateral canals, fins, webbing, isthmus, deltas, anastomosis and multiple portals of exit with an outstanding result.

Rapid Healing of a Large Periapical Premolar Lesion

Headshot of Dr. Randy W. Garland
August 20, 2018

Successful resolution of root canal system infections relies upon the effective removal of infected tissue and bacteria. The exponential improvements of the GentleWave® System upon standard root canal treatment protocols has yielded excellent results for Dr. Randy Garland’s patients—in both disinfection and healing, as evidenced in this premolar healing case.

Constant Improvement Keeps The Referrals Coming

Inside Dentistry July 2018
July 23, 2018

By investing in the GentleWave® System, Drs. Reza Farshey and Pirooz Zia have created a network of referral partners who entrust them with their patients to deliver the highest standard of care. Providing the GentleWave Procedure has helped to change their patients’ concept of the root canal, leaving the tooth largely intact and often cutting patient healing rates in half.

Product Profile: GentleWave® System

Product Profile: GentleWave® System
May 1, 2018

In an informative Product Profile for the May issue of Oral Health Group Magazine, Dr. James Smith gives an elucidating overview of the GentleWave® System and the key features that set the GentleWave Procedure apart.

The GentleWave® System can set your practice apart. Contact us today to find out more.

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