When Does a Moment Become a Movement?

The Movement is Happening Now

When we developed GentleWave® Technology, we knew we were onto something big. We’re witnessing just how big, as the aha moments inspired by the capabilities of the GentleWave Procedure gain momentum and transform into a growing movement of GentleWave Providers, leading the charge for improving upon endodontic practices of the past.

Now Is the Moment to Join the Movement.

The GentleWave® System: Endodontics, Elevated

The GentleWave System is the next elevation in endodontic technology that has raised the bar for cleaning and disinfection and sparked a movement in root canal therapy that’s transforming practices across the country. Offering a minimally invasive3 protocol, the GentleWave Procedure helps preserve tooth structure1 while providing unsurpassed cleaning and disinfection of the root canal system.2,3

By harnessing optimized procedure fluids and broad-spectrum acoustic energy,2 the GentleWave Procedure is able to reach into the deepest, most complex portions of the root canal system2,3—including dentinal tubules and other undetected, uninstrumented spaces2,3 where bacteria can hide—to effectively remove infected tissue, debris, smear layer and biofilm2 for a next-level clean.

GentleWave® Providers share the aha moments that evolved into an endodontic movement.

Technology to Simplify Your Referral Strategy

Practicing at the forefront of innovation can put your practice in the spotlight. After hearing about the superior efficacy of the GentleWave System from both peers and patients, general practitioners are now seeking out practices who provide the GentleWave Procedure.

Stimulate practice growth with the GentleWave System, and gain a partner in building your practice with Sonendo. We are driven to help our providers succeed, in our collective pursuit to improve patient care. We exemplify our We Live Endo mantra through our innovation, striving to develop transformative technology that drives referrals, grows practices and allows practices to prioritize their patients.

We Live Endo™

Gaining A Partner in Sonendo® with the GPS Program

Investing in the GentleWave System means you’re practicing at the forefront of innovation as well as gaining a partner in Sonendo®. The GentleWave Practice Success (GPS) Program is Sonendo’s commitment to helping our partner practices prosper—from marketing and practice branding assistance to onboarding and ongoing staff training. Discover the many ways Sonendo sets GentleWave Providers up for success through the GPS Program.

Keep Moving Forward or Fall Behind

If you’re still using the same RCT protocol you learned in school, your specialty might be moving on without you. Practice at the forefront of innovation to experience your own aha moments, and provide your patients the optimal outcomes they deserve, with the GentleWave Procedure.

Join the movement. Contact Sonendo today.

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