GentleWave® Procedure Patient Demonstrations

Live and In Vivo Procedure Demonstrations

Sonendo® invites you to watch Dr. Ryan Facer perform the GentleWave® Procedure live, and gain an in-depth understanding of what sets the procedure apart. Dr. Facer is a GentleWave Procedure Master Class instructor, and these videos offer an inside look at how the GentleWave Procedure effectively locates and cleans complex portions of an array of patient root canal systems.

GentleWave® Procedure Patient Demonstration: RCT on #25

Observe Dr. Ryan Facer perform an RCT on a lower anterior and an I&D of a swollen pocket. The case was originally started by a general dentist who then referred the case to Dr. Facer for completion.

GentleWave® Procedure Demonstration and Live Q&A Session: RCT on #30

Hear Dr. Ryan Facer discuss patient management in this live Q&A session and in vivo demonstration on a unique case—and the usefulness of the GentleWave® Procedure for root canal treatment. Tooth #30 was diagnosed with symptomatic periodontitis and pulp necrosis with pulp stones.

GentleWave® Procedure Demonstration and Live Q&A Session: ReTX on #19

Take a look at this retreatment case and accompanying live Q&A session presented by Dr. Ryan Facer. Tooth #19 was symptomatic and presented with a lesion on a broad, ribbon-shaped mesial root. Watch how effective the GentleWave® Technology is at performing a thorough cleaning of a previously treated tooth.

GentleWave® Procedure Live Patient Demonstration: RCT on #15

View the GentleWave® Procedure performed live by Dr. Ryan Facer on this patient who previously received a straight buccal-occlusal filling on tooth #15 but had an exposure, resulting in the diagnoses of irreversible pulpitis and acute apical periodontitis.

GentleWave® Procedure Live Patient Demonstration: ReTX #31

Watch as Dr. Ryan Facer employs the GentleWave® Procedure on this challenging retreatment case. This patient had an apicoectomy on tooth #31 approximately 15 years ago, without the full resection of the mesiolingual root or placement of a retrograde filling.


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