Driven to Clean Different™

Driven to Clean Different™

The Ethos of Our Endos

Clean Different™ is about the culture of the GentleWave® Community. It’s about embracing meaningful change for the advancement of endodontics. Accepting new ideas about old ideals to preserve more dentin and provide a better patient experience. Here, our GentleWave Providers share their thoughts on what Clean Different means to them.

Sonia Chopra, DDS

Ballantyne Endodontics, Charlotte, NC

Rethinking and redefining my beliefs about everything I first learned about endo. Embracing new technology for better efficiency and outcomes for me and my patients.

Adam Davis, DDS

Cumberland Endodontics, Mt. Juliet, TN

Shifting how I do things for the benefit of the patient. To do the best work that I can—to know that I am doing everything I can for my patients.

Kirk A. Coury, DDS, MS

Southwest Endodontics, Amarillo, TX

Exploring options to find the best for cleaner canals and a better patient experience—one that makes me a better clinician.

Ryan Facer, DDS

Greater Endodontics, Murray, UT

Getting out of my own way to solve problems in a different way. Trying something new that may be better.

James A. Smith, Jr., DMD

Advanced Endodontics, Birmingham, AL

Fundamentally changing the concept of what root canal treatment is. Changing the traditional clean, shape and pack RCT protocol by redefining the role of the file.

Randy W. Garland, DDS

Wave Endodontics, Encinitas, CA

Changing how I do RCT after decades in practice. Technology has evolved to the point that we don’t even have to enter the tooth to clean the root canal system.

Discover the meaningful change the GentleWave® System brings to practices that Clean Different. Contact us today to learn more.

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