Driven to Clean Different™

Driven to Clean Different™

Committed to Advancing Endodontics

Clean Different™ is about the philosophy that’s inherent to the GentleWave® Community. It’s about embracing meaningful change—disrupting old ideals and putting new ideas into action for the advancement of endodontics. To Clean Different is to preserve more dentin and provide a better patient experience. Here, members of our community share their thoughts on what Clean Different means to them.

Sonia Chopra, DDS

Ballantyne Endodontics, Charlotte, NC

Rethinking and redefining my beliefs about everything I first learned about endo. Embracing new technology for better efficiency and outcomes for me and my patients.

Adam Davis, DDS

Cumberland Endodontics, Mt. Juliet, TN

Shifting how I do things for the benefit of the patient. To do the best work that I can—to know that I am doing everything I can for my patients.

Kirk A. Coury, DDS, MS

Amarillo Endodontics, Amarillo, TX

Exploring options to find the best for cleaner canals and a better patient experience—one that makes me a better clinician.

Ryan Facer, DDS

Greater Endodontics, Murray, UT

Unleashing our potential as doctors. Reinventing root canal therapy by removing all the infection from the dentin before we begin.

Mehrzad Khakpour, PhD

Sonendo® Chief Technology Officer

Technology that helps practices thrive and grow and provide the best they can for their patients. Providing a procedure that results in happier patients, minimal post-op pain and better cleaning. When the anatomies on the post-procedure radiographs closely match the anatomies on microCT images of the root canal system—that’s Clean Different.

James A. Smith, Jr., DMD

Advanced Endodontics, Birmingham, AL

Fundamentally changing the concept of what root canal treatment is. Changing the traditional clean, shape and pack RCT protocol by redefining the role of the file.

Randy W. Garland, DDS

Wave Endodontics, Encinitas, CA

Changing how I do RCT after decades in practice. Technology has evolved to the point that we don’t even have to enter the tooth to clean the root canal system.

Karen Potter, DDS

San Clemente Endodontics, San Clemente, CA

Preserving tooth structure. We don’t have to remove dentin; we can be very conservative and, in doing that, save more teeth.

Ron Hill, DDS, MSD

Southwest Endodontics, Houston, TX

Seeing things that we’ve never seen before internally. Better outcomes, less post-operative pain and fantastic healing. I’m as excited now as the very first week I started using the system.

Scott Hetz, DMD

Advanced Endodontic Associates, Washington, DC

Trust. Single-appointment endodontics. Peer-proven technology; peer-proven results. It’s every day—every patient.

Michael Tulkki, DDS, MS

Wayzata Endodontics, Wayzata, MN

It’s a different patient experience. Less post-op sensitivity. More confidence in our treatment approach. More confidence as a clinician that I’ve done a better job for my patients.

Eugenia Johnson, DDS

Green Country Endodontics, Tulsa, OK

Excitement when I see results. I feel like I’ve done something better. Never disappointed—ever.

Shawn Nally, DDS

Shawn Nally Endodontics, Greenville, SC

Capturing more anatomy on post-op imaging. Cataloging more cases of incredible anatomy than I have in 20 years of practice. Improving patient outcomes. Very few callbacks.

David Jaramillo, DDS

UT Dentists, Houston, TX

Treating the tooth with the best way possible to get rid of infection. Reaching any part of complex root canal anatomy to resolve patient pain. Speedy patient recovery. Predictable results in healing and post-operative pain.

Michael Adams, DDS

Advanced Endodontics, Birmingham, AL

Being able to remove a lot of inflamed tissue from a vital tooth with complex anatomy in a single visit. Uncovering calcified orifices. Amazing technology.

Marcus Palermo, DDS

Santa Fe Endodontics, Santa Fe, NM

A paradigm shift in how we’re able to achieve the core principles of endodontics. Disinfecting the root canal system and sealing it for success.

Tom McClammy, DMD

North Scottsdale Endodontics, Scottsdale, AZ

What we can do differently to clean the root canal system better than before. Obturating ultraclean canals.

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